Woodbury Baptist Church, Woodbury, GA


"In the year of our Lord, 1889, when the town of Woodbury, Ga began to build up, Ga Midland & Gulf R.R had been completed.  A few missionary Baptist in town had no place to worship ... A few of us began to meet occasionally and worship God the best we could.  We finally organized and constituted into a church ...", wrote Dr. J.M. Hooten, one of the founders of the Woodbury Baptist Church.  And so it was that on September 4, 1889, the Woodbury Baptist Church was constituted and organized.

Rev. Solon B. Cousins of Luthersville was called as the first pastor but declined.  However, he served as preacher until Rev. W.D. Jolly was elected the first regular pastor in February 1890. Services were held in homes until a building committee was selected and the first Church building was erected the following year.

Fire completely destroyed the church and Sunday School annex May 7, 1936.  A new building was erected and dedicated on September 19, 1939.  Over a century ago, on September 23, 1889, G.D. Dominick wrote in the Church minutes:  "Brethren, we are numerically weak...and the burden of building a house of worship is upon us.  We therefore beseech the brethren to help us that the cause of Christ may be built up in this town".  From these humble beginnings, the foundation was laid for Woodbury Baptist Church, a church that continues to serve so "that the cause of Christ may be built up in this town".

More of our HISTORY
Beginning back in the 1950's, Woodbury Baptist began seeing the need for additional repairs as well as building expansion.  To aid in the cost associated with building needs, a special offering is taken each year on the 3rd Sunday in December.  This has become known as our:

​            "BIRTHDAY OFFERING"

​ a special offering, where we give back to our Church.  

These special offerings are placed in the Building Fund and used for additional needs as required to keep our Church building in good repair.

It's our way of saying "Happy Birthday Jesus".