Frequently Asked Questions

We are so glad you are visiting our site and will hopefully be visiting with us on Sunday or on Wednesday night.   We know going to a new place can often be a confusing so we have listed some Frequently Asked Questions below that should make your 1st time visit with us a little easier.

Q:  Where do I park?
A:  We have parking on the side and the back of our facility. 

  • The side parking area (accessible from Dromedary Street or Bartee Street) has easy access to our handicap ramp which will take you directly to the sanctuary area.
  • The parking lot in the back offers easy access to the Sunday School rooms, Children’s and Youth rooms and nursery area (building on the left).  The back parking lot is also convenient to our church offices and fellowship hall, which are in the building on the right.

Q: Where is the nursery?
A:  You can easily access the nursery area if you park in the back lot.  The bottom floor of the building on the left is our Educational area.  To get to the nursery area, go through the door on the left in the breezeway between the buildings.  It is also convenient to access the nursery from the right side door on the porch of this building.

Q:  Where do I pick up my child from Children’s Church after the worship service?
A:  To get to the Children’s Church room after the worship service, exit the back of the sanctuary and go down the stairs on the right, follow the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and then turn right.

Q:  Where are the closest restrooms from the sanctuary?
A:  To get to the closest restrooms, go to the back of the sanctuary and down the staircase on the right.  The restrooms are located at the bottom of the stairs.